Clive Woodward Building Services Extensions


You are in safe, reliable hands right from day one

We understand employing a builder and starting a new project can be a busy, expensive, and stressful time. You will want to know that you’re in safe, reliable hands right from day one. 

Irrespective of size, value or complexity, each project is managed and overseen by Clive and together with a team of highly skilled direct and sub-contracted labour, we ensure the successful management and quality of each project in which we undertake.

Our team of experienced professionals are ready to provide you with a brand-new space that not only looks great and provides more room, but also adds value to your property too. 

We understand that domestic construction, like it or not, is an invasion of your home for a few months, which is why it is essential that your trust in the builder is established before works commence.

Whether you have received a personal recommendation or have seen our work in progress, please feel free to contact us to discuss your own building project.

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